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Six Tips to Manage Chronic Conditions

Chronic diseases affect almost half of the U.S. population1. If you have a chronic condition, you know that lit isn’t always easy. However, it is possible to feel better and manage your disease.

Here are some tips for managing chronic conditions:

  • Know your condition. Your doctor and nurses will be able to give you information about your condition. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to understand what it is and how it affects and your health.
  • Take responsibility for your health and care. Partner with your doctor on the best course of care for your condition. Make sure you’re paying attention to how you’re feeling and any changes in your health so you can discuss this with your doctor.
  • Get a treatment plan for your overall health. If have one or more chronic conditions, you may see multiple doctors and specialists. They should all work together to come up with the best plan for you. This doesn’t always happen, so talk to your primary care physician and ask how best to coordinate your care.
  • Commit to lifestyle changes. Make sure you’re living the healthiest life that you can. Make positive changes like quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising more and eating healthier. These changes can help you manage your chronic conditions and feel better, too. You can even ask your family to join in!
  • Manage your medications. You may have to take multiple medications throughout the day. It may be hard to keep track of them all. Take time to learn about your medications. Know important facts like why you take them, when/how best to take them and warning signs of misuse.
  • Find a community. Chances are you aren’t the only person living with your chronic condition. Try looking for an in-person or online support group, or talk to a friend that is also managing that disease.


The Gateway to Lifestyle Management program is designed to partner with our Medical Assistance and Medicare Assured members who have chronic conditions, including asthma, cardiac conditions, COPD, and diabetes. The program will help you monitor your condition, stick to a treatment plan and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of a longer, healthier life. LTM3


As a part of the program, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive newsletters.
  • Additional mailed educational materials for your condition.
  • Healthcare reminder phone calls.
  • Support from specially trained Care Coordinators who will help you better understand your condition.
  • 24-hour nurse line available to you at no cost. A nurse can help answer your questions and concerns.

Learn more about the Gateway to Lifestyle Management program here: https://www.gatewayhealthplan.com/medicaid/special-needs-programs/gateway-to-lifestyle-management-program


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