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How to Apply for Medicaid

Medicaid is a federal-state health insurance program low-income adults, pregnant women and children. If you’re thinking about applying for Medicaid you may not know where to start.


First, you’ll need to determine if you’re eligible. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live below the poverty line? The exact amount varies depending on how many people are in your household, but could be $12,140 for a household of one or $25,100 for a family of four.
  • Are you aged 65+ AND blind or disabled?
  • Do you have children under the age of 21?
  • Do you have a temporary disability, are aged 59-64, have a limited income or are impacted by the following special circumstances?
    • Undergoing drug and alcohol treatment
    • Victims of domestic violence
    • Caring for a child or disabled person
    • Special Medical Assistance conditions


If the answer is yes, you may qualify for Medicaid. Check for sure through the COMPASS website:


Once you’ve confirmed that you are eligible for Medicaid, gather the necessary information to fill out the application:

  • Proof of age (this includes your birth certificate or driver’s license)
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or alien status
  • Proof of all sources of income (this includes your pay stubs, tax returns, Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Benefits, retirement accounts and any other source of income you might have)
  • Proof of disability (this is necessary if you think you’re qualified because you’re disabled)
  • Proof of residence (you’ll need receipts or a statement from your landlord if you rent, or a copy of your mortgage if you own your home)
  • Proof of other insurance, if you have it


There are two ways that you can apply for Medicaid:


The state must respond to your Medicaid application within 45 days (or 90 days if you’re applying under disability coverage). If your application isn’t approved, you do have the right to appeal.


Gateway Health offers Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care plans for those eligible and in need. If you need help getting started, we offer the resources to get the most out of your Medicaid coverage. Visit the website here: or contact the below phone numbers:



Toll Free Numbers

Member and Provider Services 1-800-392-1147

Family Health Council 1-800-532-9465

Health Choices 1-800-440-3989


TDD/TTY: 711


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern Time

7 Days a week from October 1 through March 31.

*From April 1 through September 30 our business hours are 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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